Ring’s first interview in Swedish press

For the first time since Swedish media became aware of Sebastian Ring goings to Grimsby Town has he spoken to the press.

Nerikes Allehanda got in touch with Sebastian after Grimsby’s last shift at West Ham’s training ground on Friday afternoon.

«I got a three years offer from Örebro that I choosed not to take. I would might had stayed on had I got a clearer directive. But I had been there in several years and made a decent impression… So I choosed to move on,» he told NA.

Sebastian Ring only started 18 of 30 games last season, but was involved in 25. The newspaper asked whether the reason he left was due to lack of playing time. «A bit like that. As I have said earlier I think this season was my best, also ÖSK have said so. But still was I the one easiest to take out of the team, I was never the given player choice.»

But why did it became Grimsby Town? They are not the most famous team…
«After the season I spoke a bit with several clubs. Then this became such interesting that the agent (Jonathan Chalkias) and me travelled over and visited the club. I had a great chat with Michael (Jolley), the manager, and I got a great impression by the whole club. How they looked at me and how I should fit in both as a player and a person. It felt right, and I was ready to try something new.»

«I want to test meself a bit as well. I don’t look at this as an end station, more like the start on something new. I want to develop as a footballer and as a human. I look on this both as an adventure and as a good step in my career.»

Which doors do you think will open up if you do well?
«First of all in England. Maybe also something else in Europe as well, but most as the start of an adventure in England. I guess the League One and Championship clubs have a good overview over clubs in League Two, you can build a name here.»

Now a big match awaits as Grimsby will play Crystal Palace in the 3.rd round of the FA cup. «A really cool match, the FA cup is the biggest thing here. But I’m not sure whether I will be allowed to start or sit on the bench. They will tell the starting eleven tomorrow, so I don’t know meself.»

Ring has trained three times with the team and three times at his own since travelling over. He celebrated New Years Eve in Grimsby together with his girlfriend Amanda. On Saturday will also his family from Sweden take the trip over.

«After the season in Allsvenskan I had some days of not doing much, later on I went on vacation. Since have I trained by meself, but then it’s hard to get in the right football stuff. But I’m in good shape, I just need to get more into it and get going.»

Grimsby plan to use him as a left back. «They want me to come up along the side, combine with the winger and make crosses with my left foot. It will be more as when I was wingback in ÖSK, I think I will get to use my offensive qualities in a good way.»

How do you look at League Two?
«I think the level is good. Many will probably think: «Division four, that is not good standard…» But the tempo is very good and it’s tough play. I have been surprised by the two games I have seen so far.»

Do you think it will suit you well?
«I think so. I believe they will use my strengths, and that I even will get to use my tough play, and even though I’m not that tall I’m good on my head.»

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