Medlem nr 0040

Perry Harter blir medlem nummer 40 i supporterklubben. Søndag kveld etter det forsmederlige tapet mot Gateshead mottok vi følgende mail.

Having spent a fantastic 90 minutes watching Town get robbed by a ref the does not know his backside from his elbow in the Three Lions Pub in Trondheim I wish to join the Norske Venner of Grimsby Town football Club.

I watched this game with two of your members, Karen Kamsvag ( my partner) and Geir Myklebust. I met Geir for the first time and I have to say how impressed I was listening to his undoubted knowledge of Grimsby Town FC.

I now live in Trondheim moving here from Grimsby. My earliest memories of watching GTFC was in 1973 when they won the 4th division. I have followed them through all of their ups and downs wherever I have been in the world.

I would like to join your club and be known as Perry “ I only sing when I’m fishing” Harter.


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